Dance Classique

Welcome, this little info page is just for Dance Classique Families!

Galleries are located HERE,
and can be accessed using the password sent by Tania & Alinta.


All digital downloads can be purchased from within the gallery store. Upon purchase you will be able to download a high resolution image file without the watermark visible in your gallery.

PRICING: I have set up tiered pricing so the first digital image in each transaction is $35 and each image thereafter is $15 (dropping again at 15 images, and again at 30 images).  I've tried to keep this as affordable as possible, so you can buy as many (or as few) as your heart desires. 

You're free to use the download as you wish for printing yourself, sharing on social media, or even adding to your annual photo-book.  I do recommend using a professional print lab as the colour management is much much better (No crazy colours/outlines, wonky prints, and weird cropping etc...). Feel free to email me if you'd like more details on where to print (Atkins and Fitzgerald Print or DigiDirect are good options). 


Sure, you can share your images across social media.  If you do this from within the gallery, it will share with a 'watermark' across the (low resolution) image.  This is free, and you're welcome to do so. 

The only way to remove the watermark is to purchase your image via the store in the gallery as a digital download.


This year,  all print fulfilment is handled by a professional print lab located in Adelaide. You'll place your order online and they will print and mail it to you - it’s the fastest, simplest way for all. 

You can expect to receive your prints 2-3 weeks from the date of your order.  Please let me know if you’re worried or need them sooner; the print lab is a great family run business and they really care about our orders so I can certainly give them a call.

PRICING: I have set up tiered print pricing so after the first print each additional print is at a reduced price - you can order one for you and then one for all the grandparents :) . This should mean it is cheaper for you to purchase multiple prints should you choose to.

Specific prices vary depending on the size and paper selected, but generally start at $35 for the first print and $15 each after that. This pricing includes shipping.

Family Gallery

If you’d like me to put together a gallery of just your children I’m happy to do so - please let me know who they are and which classes they’re in. I’ll email you a private gallery link.


I did shoot *some* images for the 2017 concert. The same pricing/conditions and ordering applies as for 2018.  Please let me know if you’re after these and I’ll make them available to you (Child name/Class) by email.

Also shot were some in class photographs which you may also like - please let me know if you would like these and I’ll make them available to you (Child name/Class).