City of Perth’s Winterfest

School holidays present a unique set of challenges for parents across Australia and the world... In America they have camps and kids travel to all kinds of places to make friends have fun and learn new stuff...  

When we lived in Sydney, our Olive would come to work one or two days (if I couldn’t get care!) or she’d go to the school after care program that was in one word AMAZING.  The program was so good you had to book the holiday activities the day they were announced or you’d miss out.

This past holidays in Perth, we had Nanny visit too... so in addition to keeping the girls fed (thus avoiding “I’m hungry”), there was the added need to be out and about, seeing and doing new things (thus avoiding the electronic babysitters!). So we headed into town to see some of the City of Perth’s installations for winter. 

As always, camera in hand I shot some great pictures of my girls loving, and outlasting all the other kids in what was a giant white ball pit!  

So. Much. Fun.