Portfolio Sessions

Part of thee process of building a website, and a business is to shoot some images that best share my style and skills…
Images that tell stories, and images that makes new people want to book with me (because my awkward, yet sparkly personality mightn’t be enough…).

For this reason I’m currently looking for families with babies (and maybe little kids, and or a furbabies too) who’ll allow me an hour of their time in their home. My niche in the last few years it seems has been outdoor sessions… Beaches, Parks, Playgrounds, you name it… but not as many in home as I’d like. And I really like in-home. I feel like its there that you, and the kids are themselves. Doing the things you always do, making sandwiches or (endless) snacks, feeding and washing and of course in those newborn days ignoring all the things and doing the snuggling. It’s this stuff I really really love to shoot.

My offer

  • I’m offering a free session - 60-90 minutes in your home with you and your family.

  • 10 Free digital images from your gallery (Usually a gallery would be 30-60 images)

  • A 15% discount on any additional images or prints if you wanted extras (No pressure, I promise).

What I really need from You… Other than Your time…

  • Proximity… Because I’m not charging for my time I’d really like you to be close by 15-20minutes from the City. I’m in South Perth, but I consider “Perth” to be near home :)

  • Permission… By its very nature I’m looking for shots for my portfolio, so for use on my website and social media as well as any other advertising etc.

  • Time… Weekday mornings (so I can still do the paid shoots, the working, and the school activities…)

    I can do all that… What next?

    Can you please click this little button, fill this little contact form in and we’ll arrange a time!