Product & commercial Photography.

While I am primarily a family & lifestyle photographer I do love the camera so much that I am able to offer product and commercial photography. Some examples of my work follow, if there's something you're looking for I may have an example, or be happy to try for you!  Just get in touch! 

Stationary & Products

Concerts and Events... 

Events hold a very special place in my heart, as I was once an event manager.  Now, I'm equipped to capture your special event! Below examples are some Birthday Parties, Product Launches, the 2017 West Australian of the Year and the Fundraising event Banquet for Babies and Kate Toon's SEO Workshop in Perth 2018. 

Bags & Jewellery

...funny, kind, exceptionally talented, generous, hilarious, self-deprecating, did I mention funny and hilarious?! So grateful to work with you...
— Natalia, Luxe Central

Fashion & Clothing

A little bit fantastic with the fashion pics... if you won’t blow your own horn... I’ll blow it for you (so to speak...)
— Gillian, Style Kit