My Story

This is me, and my favourite humans. Not camera ready, but this is life - and parenthood - as we know it.

This is me, and my favourite humans. Not camera ready, but this is life - and parenthood - as we know it.

I’m Samantha, Sam really and I am a photographer - it’s what I’ve always (always) wanted to do.

A million years ago (ok, not quite a million... maybe 20 something) my Dad gave me a camera for Christmas.  It was a small Kodak film camera, nothing fancy but special.  I loved the sound it made as you wound on the film... Such a beautiful sound, and the sharp click it made when you pressed the shutter. I think I cost him a small fortune in film that summer... I'd take pictures of everything - dogs, cats, horses, my sisters, the rainforest, sugar cane anything. 

A year later he gave me his beautiful camera, and spent another fortune on film... I didn't know it then, but what he gave me that summer was something to love, and something that he loved too.  He taught me ‘the rules’ and showed me how to take pictures. I chased my little sister around, I took pictures of the dogs, flowers, horses, the view everything. I broke his rules and was disappointed and learned all sorts of lessons, I followed the rules and loved the pictures. One of the pictures I took of my then very, very little sister is still one of my favourite portraits of all time. Taken a few moments before she cried it’s full of emotion and enormous kind brown eyes.

At high school I did photography as a class, shooting all sorts of things - dogs, shapes, people and developed them in the darkroom - I loved, and probably still love the smell of those chemicals and the endless possibilities for the prints.

Fast forward many years, many cameras, a few different careers and jobs disappointments and joys; I'm a mum of two, and I still love photography. Much to my delight, I get to BE a photographer. 

I love flowers, my family, animal print, Camilla kaftans, tulle and sequins, though often not all at once!  We've been lucky enough to live in all sorts of beautiful cities across the globe and are currently living here in Perth. 

I love nothing more than helping people to capture their memories in print - or digital if that’s your bag.

Email me, text me, call me, lets talk ;) 

With Smiles, 
Sam x